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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New DCCRPG Cleric Toy: Invoking Gods With Worship Spells

A Worship Spell is the cleric's answer to the patron spell. One difference is that merely casting it invokes a wider range of cleric failure for the day, inverse of how good the cleric rolled. If you can't get the job done with what your god sent you, what good are you to that god? In addition, if you are casting a Worship Spell in a situation that doesn't seem to concern the god (you trying to live is an okay excuse though), that disapproval die is going to get a step worse.

Another difference: If you have already gotten a certain result for the day, go one step higher and take double disapproval. 

If your spellcheck result is 1, the spell fails, roll on the diety disapproval table, and you increase your daily disapproval range by 1d3.
If it is 2-11, the spell fails and your disapproval range increases by 1d4 for the day.
If it is 12-13, a success and your disapproval range increases by 1d5 for the day.
If it is 14-17, a success and your disapproval range increases by 1d6 for the day.
If it is 18-21, a success and your disapproval range increases by 1d7 for the day.
If it is 22-25, a success and your disapproval range increases by 1d8 for the day.
If it is 26-29, a success and your disapproval range increases by 1d10 for the day.
If it is 30 or higher, a success and your disapproval range increases by 1d12 for the day.

Sample Worship Spell for clerics of Cthulhu
1          Failure. Roll on the Deity disapproval table.
2-11     Mere failure. Cthulhu is sleeping.
12-13  Cthulhu snores! A psionic wave erupts from your position, making the area filled with shin-deep water and disorienting everyone, save yourself, who get a -d to attacks until the end of your next turn or as long as the player can keep up snoring sounds. The water never seems to recede...
14-17  Cthulhu stirs! All psionic creatures in the area take 1d5 damage. A tentacle grows on your back and gives you +2 AC for one turn.
18-21  Cthulhu has the munchies. All your foes make a DC 10 Reflex save. Those that fail get a bite taken out of them by unseen beings for 1d4+CL damage and must make a morale check. You can make this happen again each round for a turn if you make DC 10 Will save.
22-25   Cthulhu is drunk dialing. All portals, gates, and doors within 100' are flung open for 1 turn and strange apparations start to seep out of them. If anyone goes through such a portal, they will be transported to a random plane. Your enemies must make a moral check at -1d.
26-29   Cthulhu is dead, but even death may die. Every dead body in a ten-foot sphere centered around you comes back to a semblance of life as an intelligent, corporeal undead. They treat you as a friend and Cthulhu as a god who's will they now heed, but otherwise are the same being they once were.
30+      Cthuluu is awakening?! The ground cracks open and waters rush out, distracting everyone for at least one round as they suddenly find themselves swimming. 1d3+CL Innsmouthian fish-men pop out of the depths and fight your enemies. Roll a d%, and compare it against your disapproval range for the day. If you roll within that range, Cthulhu is really awake. An apocalypse is coming...